Friday, March 28, 2014

It's Never Too Late

As you will see this posting is completely different that all the others.  There are no "video boxes" to click on to watch the videos because I didn't shoot these videos and, therefore; they are not uploaded to either my Blog or Website.  In fact, they aren't even videos of me fishing.
These two videos are short "segments" from a video shot last summer for a possible TV pilot. 
What happened to the TV pilot?   The person responsible for producing the pilot has NEVER edited the videos. we are today...still no pilot...nor do I expect to ever see one.
That said...the two clips have been "extracted" for your viewing pleasure...and...since one of them (the best one) features me...then naturally it is for your viewing pleasure (and instruction).
The other is a guy you will recognize...Jeff Herndon the anchor on Wichita's KAKE news for 10-years and now the news anchor in Chicago for a Fox affiliate.
While I will never get to see the pilot...not all was lost.   I got to know and fish with Jeff and truthfully (and boy does this HURT me to say this!)...we had a GREAT time...and I mean that sincerely...a REALLY GREAT time.   ( did that hurt...!  I think I might be bleeding!)
Jeff is a very, very good fisherman, a great guy to share a boat with and, for reasons that simply cannot be explained, our chemistry in the boat and on film was AWESOME...!   In fact, he called me the next day to say that what we did was as good as anything he has ever been involved in...and remember...he has won 3-Emmy awards for his work at KAKE-TV...!
Since nothing else will ever come of the "pilot" at least I got to know Jeff and trust me, that was worth all the effort and subsequent frustration. 
(Hey...I'm in pain here...anyone out there got a Bandaid?)
To see the two videos simply click on the links below.  If that doesn't work on your computer then copy and paste the links into your Browser.
In closing this Blog Posing I want to share with you a personal message...
Most psychologists would tell you that I have spent most of my life trying to win favor from my parents, stemming from having been adopted from a home where both biological parents spent over a year in prison for child neglect/abuse.  Separated as a young child from my siblings, having spent time in a foster home (twice), being rejected by my biological parents and again by an aunt and uncle...I spent most of my life wanting to win approval from my adopted mom and dad.
However, neither parent knew how to say it...or show it.  No matter what I did or accomplished. 
As a young boy being ranked #1 in high school tennis in Indiana, elected to my college Athletic Hall of Fame nor being nominated for the Indiana Athletic Hall of Fame changed that.  As an adult a very successful business career, being married 43-years and even giving them 2-awesome grandkids and 5-incredible great grandkids had no impact.
My last and final hope was the TV pilot.  One last chance to earn my mom's "approval". 
Frankly, I don't know that down deep I really expected to get a TV show but I do know that all I ever really wanted was a chance...just one show my mom the TV pilot. 
One last chance to make her proud!
That isn't going to happen.
My mom died January 24 having never seen the TV pilot.  At the funeral my sister had prepared a "picture board" memorial dedicated to mom with pictures of our respective families.  On my picture board was the article from the Wichita Eagle that Michael Pearce did on me back in April 2013. 
Now...more than article for which I will always be grateful to Michael...!
Because...without ever telling seems my mom had taped that article to her refrigerator since I sent it to her last April...almost one year ago...!
No...I will never get to show her my TV's too late for doesn't really matter so much anymore...because...
I learned that it's never too late to find out your mom is proud of you...!
STOP...BEFORE watching the two videos...go right NOW...this very moment...and tell someone (a child, your husband, your wife, your dad your mom)...someone...anyone...that you "love them"...and...PLEASE...PLEASE...tell them you are "PROUD" of them.
Do it it for it for you...most it before it's too late...!
Thanks to each and every one of you for making this the most successful and most followed fishing Website/Blog in the Midwest.
Until next time take a kid fishing...or take wife says it's the same thing.
Clay...doing what he does best...teaching...helping others...being a "Giver"....!
A "poor" mans way to peg a plastic worm:
Jeff...doing what he does best...talking...!  (and talking...and talking...and talking...and...)
Making fun of me, yes me...your humble and faithful servant, while doing a "commercial". 

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