Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Butler County State Fishing Lake

"Miss me"? 

Man do I wish I had just one dollar for every time one of my golfing buddies texts me that question.  He needs counseling (no...seriously he really does!)...but...I have to seems appropriate here since it seems like forever since I did a Blog posting.   I have done postings to the Website but not to the Blog for awhile.

So...what about it, have you "missed me"?  Okay...never mind.  I forgot Rule #1...Never ask a question unless you know the answer.  But...that said...I missed all of you anyway.

This Blog posting is different than past postings.  NO...not because this is a good one...!'s hard being the "Hemingway of Fishing Blogs".   It's because I am going to take you on a fishing trip and show you how I analysis a lake I have never fished before... particularly one where I only have a couple of hours to fish and I need to catch fish to keep the "streak" alive.

(NOTE: Yes I managed to keep "The Streak" alive...with a 5lb bass!  That's 20-consecutive fishing trips to 19-different public bodies of water that I had never previously fished over a 3-year period without being "skunked".   Special note to my golfing buddies...not being "skunked" means I have caught at least one fish on 20-consecutive fishing trips.  It does not refer to "you know who". My apologies to everyone else.)

What makes this feat so "awesome" and so "epic" (other than proving I am the "Greatest Unknown Fisherman of All Time") is that it has been done on the most heavily fished lakes in the state under all types of weather and water conditions and throughout different seasons.

Many of these lakes are located in the city limits...!

Did someone say "AMAZING"?  Too late...I heard that...and yes it is.  Thank you so much...I'm flattered...but...I still remain your faithful and humble servant.  Did I mention "humble"?

This trip was a last minute decision.  You see...I had completed 3-other videos for Blog postings but lost them all when my computer "crashed". computer...the one responsible for all those Award Winning Blog postings is now in computer heaven and it took all my videos with it.  I always film Blog videos in advance so I can continue to post throughout the winter months.  I try to keep at least 2-different videos "in the can".  NO...not that type of "can"!  But I suddenly found myself without any Blog postings for the winter.  Did I mention "Award Winning"?

Well, it is time to put my small boat in storage for the winter and, since I lost all my previously taped videos, I had no Blog postings saved for the winter months  What to do...what to do... humm...hummm.

I know...since I store my small boat in Augusta...which is in Butler County...I will just go fish Butler County State Fishing Lake...another lake I have never fished before...and then put the boat in storage on the way home.  As usual...a great idea on my part.  As usual..."Mr. Murphy" wasn't about to make it so simple for me.

By the time I finally arrived at the lake the weather was terrible (the video doesn't begin to show how bad it really was!) and I only had a couple of hours to fish.  So...I thought to myself (I usually do that when I need an intelligent answer...otherwise I just ask my golfing buddies for their opinions.) why not show everyone some simple steps they can take to catch fish when they are short on time.  Or, for that matter, even if they aren't short on time!  So that's what makes this posting so "special".

Trust me when I tell you there is a LOT of very powerful information contained in these two videos.  In fact, I have personally learned so much from them that I have watched them at least 4-5 times I STRONGLY suggest you do the same.  The guy doing the fishing and audio is incredible...not to mention entertaining, fun, extremely knowledgeable and very handsome.

You will NOT get the full benefit of the information contained in these two videos by watching them just once...!  Did I mention "handsome"?

A couple of points...

1.  The information contained in these videos will work on ANY body of water including large reservoirs.

2.  If you have followed my Blog and Website for very long you know that most of my fishing trips for the Blog postings average less than 4-hours of actual fishing time per trip.  So the "Streak" has actually been based on catching fish VERY quickly...and these two videos reveal 3 of my "secrets" to quickly locate and catch fish for the Blog postings.  Not all of my "secrets"... just 3 of my secrets. 

Oh yeah...I have a lot of "secrets"...some not so much related to fishing...!

Okay...enough about my personal life.

If you use the information contained in these videos you will increase your chances of success on ANY body of water you them carefully...listen them more than once if you are serious about becoming a better fisherman.   I did.

NOTE:  I did not use my camera that allows use of my wireless microphone...I used the one I normally use so be prepared to hear a lot of wind noise. the 1:13 mark in the first video you will hear a terrible "scratching" sound that lasts exactly 1-minute.  Sorry...but I have no idea why this camera does this from time to time (and always at the wrong time) to me. 

So listen carefully because the information in the audio is invaluable!.  Of course you already knew that...!

No Wonder You Missed Me.  Yes you did...You know you did...Admit it...!

Until next time...take a kid fishing...or take me wife says it's the same thing.




  1. Great photography, it look professional, is it?

  2. That's a great compliment...thanks....!'s not done professionally...just me with my camera mounted to the bill of my cap. It's how I have done all the Blog postings so far. I spend literally hours editing each certainly appreciate you thinking it might be done