Sunday, April 14, 2013

Night Time Catfishin’

Okay…I’m not exactly sure what to say about this Blog posting.  As you know from the last posting I fished Osage State Fishing Lake just south of Topeka and if it could go wrong…it did.  “Murphy” was at it again.  But…I managed to keep “The Streak” alive at 18-consecutive trips to 18-different lakes (spanning a 2-year period) without being “skunked”…! 

So there “Murphy”…take that…WHAM...!

However, just when I thought things couldn’t get worse…they did.  Seriously…they did.

But before I go any further…first let me clarify one thing…in the videos I mention “The Streak”…but actually this posting doesn’t count for or against it because it’s the same day on the same lake and I had already caught fish on this trip.  So “The Streak” was/is still alive before we ever started fishing for catfish that night.

Thank goodness…!

The last time I fished with a member I had never met before (Jim) I met him in the early morning hours alongside the road in a small dark isolated “park”.   Hummm!  Now I am to meet another member I had never met before (Dan B.) on a small isolated rock jetty to fish for catfish late into the dark night.  Hummm! 

Anybody see a “problem” here?  I know my wife does…!

If you have followed this Blog very long (or if you go back and read the others…which I strongly recommend you do!) you know that had it not been for a successful corporate career I would have been a stand-up comedian.  No seriously…I’m really that funny…and clever…and my timing is amazing…and when I write people confuse me with Hemingway (thus the moniker “Hemingway of Fishing Blogs”.)   Did I mention “humble”?

Anyway…I can’t find a single way to poke fun at Dan…and it’s “killing me”…!  Trust me...!

I mean how do you make fun of a guy that’s a “world class” catfisherman?  A guy that catches them so fast he can only use one rod at a time.    A guy that is so good he will never starve because he can always catch a catfish for dinner any time anywhere on any lake if need be. 

What can you say about a guy like that?  How can you possibly write something “funny” about a “Pros Pro”…!

I guess I could at least tell you that for weeks Dan was telling me about all the catfish he was catching.  I could also tell you that within 5-minutes of meeting Dan his first question was, “Do you want to keep any of the fish we catch tonight”?  His second question was, “How many do you want”?

Now…all of that said…it’s probably not that important to mention that we only caught 2-catfish and both were under 12-inches…!   No…I don’t think that’s important.  So I don’t think I will mention it at all.   I know one thing…Dan doesn’t think it’s important to mention it because he told me fairness to him and his “reputation” I just won’t even bring it up.   Wouldn't want his fishing buddies to read about it and I sure wouldn't want all the members in 5-states that follow this Blog to read about it. 

Nope…made up my mind.  I’m going to be nice to Dan and never mention how many fish were caught or their size.  In fact, I am never even going to mention that I didn’t bring any catfish home that night.   I mean…what is there to be gained by letting the world know that Dan failed.   

What value is there in knowing that Dan’s one shot at 15-minutes of fame was a total disaster! 

So…I am simply not going to mention any of that.

Instead I do want to mention this.  Dan is a GREAT guy…both as a person and as a fishing partner.  I had a really, really good time and would certainly fish with him again anytime I get the chance.  That probably won't happen though...he kept mumbling something about "bad luck" and "Murphy's Law".  You don't think he was referring to me do you? 

I will also mention that this Blog is educational thanks to Dan’s willingness to share some of his tips…particularly how he ties on chicken liver to his hook and how he rigs his weight without using knots.   And…I think you will enjoy both videos.

The other thing that came from fishing with both Jim and Dan last fall was an idea on how to make the Blog even better. 
STOP...Okay…I admit it...this was my attempt at being "humble" because I (we) realize there is no way to actually make it BETTER…but, at least it's an attempt to make it DIFFERENT.

Over the past few months I have been invited to fish with members from Lawrence, Kansas City and Wichita.  I have been invited to fish at Clinton, Wyandotte County Lake, Cheney, Pottawatomie, and El Dorado.   I have been asked to bass fish, crappie fish and catfish.  (Speaking of catfish…Cindy…you still owe me a catfish trip to El Dorado…!). 

So…my experiences with both Jim and Dan were so good that effective immediately I am open to any and all invitations to fish as long as I can shoot videos and post a Blog on the experience.   I am still going to continue fishing and doing my Blog as always…but…I am now open to include some postings done with fellow members as well. 

I think by doing this it will “open up” the Blog for an even greater learning experience for all members.  (Not really...but that sure sounded good...and "humble" at the same time huh?).   Since members live all over the state of Kansas (and even Missouri, Illinois, Virginia and Florida) this “expansion” of the Blog will make for some interesting and educational postings.

Footnote: This Blog is the largest fishing Blog in the state of Kansas...thanks to each of you...!!!
So here is the deal…if you want to fish with me (from the bank, your boat or my boat) send me an email that includes what body of water we would fish and what we would fish for.   Send it even if we have had prior email "conversations" about it so I can put together an "official" 2013 fishing list.

There are a couple of “Rules”…

Rules for Fishing with the "Greatest Unknown Fisherman of All Time"

1.      All bodies of water MUST be open to the public so that any member wanting to fish it can.

2.      Anyone participating agrees to both my video-taping the “event” and the use of any and all materials in a Blog and/or Web Site posting.

3.      All types of fishing will be considered including crappie, bass, walleye, bluegill, wipers, etc.

4.      No first time meetings in any strange dark places…!

5.      You must promise to keep “The Streak” alive. 

 Even if you don’t want to take me fishing send me an email and let me know what you think about “expanding” the Blog to include more trips with more members.   Did you enjoy the two Blog postings with Jim and this one with Dan?  Personally I think this will really be fun for all of us.

Okay…that’s it until next time.

Thanks again Dan for taking me fishing.  It was GREAT…!  We will do it again sometime...!

PS: Did I mention we only caught 2-fish…both under 12-inches long?  Oh yeah Dan…Sorry...I almost forgot…but don't worry...I promise not going to mention that..!

Until next time…go fishing…catch a lot…keep some to eat…turn back the rest.

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